Let me give you a hint “Being Fearful when others are greedy and being greedy when others are fearful”.

In case you are still not able to guess its “being at home/friends home”, if you got that right it means you are truly aware about Pains & Gains of being Analyst.

For others wondering connection between “being at home” and dictum of “fearful & greedy”. New Years Eve is pretty much global celebration day, meaning every business owner would like to capitalise on it and hence price his product/service at premium. At the same time most people are in celebration mood and hence demand is high. Analyst being rational individual looks at it as expensive proposition (given high demand scenario) along with too crowded & poor service, he is either at his own home or friend home with family and friend ;).

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Happy Investing & Researching 😉

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