6 newspaper, 4 shopping, 3 entertainment, 3 dating/matrimonial, 2 taxi, 2 messenger, 2 restaurant/food ordering, 2 social media, 1 mail, 1 wallet – 25 – that’s how many app I have on my cell. I think this is very conservative number – people who travel regular have airline & hotel app – at least 2 of each (some of us use M-Indicator only), then there are games (2/3), maps, calendar, browser, camera, file sending & receiving, system cleaner, antivirus, photo editing, etc. I wonder how many of these apps does one actually use on regular basis.  And to top it up all these app keeps coming up with regular update, meaning your memory space gets utilized by these apps, this when you may be already running low on inbuilt memory and not all of apps can be moved to your SD memory card. There ought to be solution for this “tyranny of app”, I haven’t figure out but I am sure given Google and Apple who control operating system of most mobile phones, they are best placed to find solution or if you can you may be the next Genius in the making.

This thought was inspired by presentation given by Jack Hidary – Jack Hidary is a technology and financial entrepreneur who lives In New York City. He is the chairman of Samba Energy and was the co-founder of EarthWeb/Dice, Inc. and Vista Research. Wiki Link

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