Once Analyst was job hunting, given some work experience he has figured out it makes sense to work with a company that has good philosophy / culture/ core value. Because if you get that one thing right chances are rest all (money, work profile, good boss/mentor, solid learning etc etc) will follow on its own. So here is one such incident of Analyst on hunt of good company to make his career.

So once a small time company called up, Analyst had not heard too much about it, pay level was pretty less, but out of curiosity he went for first round of interview with HR person, here is small transcript of interview

HR: so tell me something about yourself

Analyst: …..blah blah blah blah (mainly talks about skill areas, what he can do, what he likes to do, what he is good at, etc)

HR: your family background

Analyst: …..blah blah blah blah (yes you gone hire them as well)

HR: where did you do your MBA from?

Analyst: institute that is sister-concern of Mumbai’s No-1 MMS Institute, (where nobody likes to go, but I went and got my MBA at less than half the cost of most major institute, also managed to have fee payback in 1st year of job itself)

HR: …oh….ok….. (I could figure out she was not really impressed by the name of institute)….so was it full time or part time or correspondence

Analyst: FULL TIME….there was class where students use to go and sit on bench and professor use to come and use OHP to teach us

HR: oh ok that’s nice (seems convince that my institute does exist and not fake one) ……what about your graduation…..what you did and which college?

Analyst: …..blah blah blah blah (thankfully its known name)

HR: ok nice (smiling…as she recognised name of my graduation college)

Analyst: ….. (Glad to know HR finally understood something)

HR: so why do you want to leave your current job?

Analyst: I don’t understand or can’t get along with culture & philosophy of current management

HR: but what if you join us tomm and don’t like our culture too?

Analyst: I believe that is why we are having this meeting, so to understand each other better.

HR: ya….but you see….we don’t have culture

Analyst:……ummm…..what… is it possible?

HR: our company has 200 people but only 6-7 people sit in HO with whom you would be working, so what culture would be there to talk about.

Analyst: I am sure there are something…..some central philosophy/ guiding principle which drives those 6-7 people.

HR: those 6-7 people report to Chairman, so he drives (orders) them.

Analyst:  ok……2 things (1) they don’t go to chairman for every decision right?……so what are key principles that helps them make right choice. (2) your chairman also takes decision so how does he decide what choices to make?

HR:….ummmm…(has thoroughly confused looks…..manages to say)… what are you trying to say

Analyst: what is sense of your purpose?, why do you do what do you do?

HR: well that’s easy….CMD looks forward for monetary gains….

Analyst: so if money is the motive there are 10 other business that can help him make money …why this business and not those 10?

HR:…….ummm……I am not sure

Analyst: no problem……I think may be I will get those answer from Management

HR: ya…thanks for coming….I will speak to management about your profile and I will get back to you.

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