Why are babies smart / intelligent?

If you are new parent or are observing kids, many times you are caught in awe of their intelligence. New parents offer / share stories how their kid did particular thing or how they responded to a particular question or situation, which they can’t fathom a kid would behave in certain way. It has happened with me too and have seen few such incidence and I would be like “yeah, they are definitely smart” and be that’s about it.

So one fine day I was reading newspaper and came across article on DNA profiling bill that Indian govt is thinking of making as law. Here is the full article link, makes for interesting read. However it was one diagram/ pic that described DNA that caught my attention.

To be precise it was “genetic code” para at bottom that sent me a striking thought. If you read it carefully it says, “DNA is a double helix structure in which the backbone is made of sugar and phosphate and Information is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases…” Key word is “Information”. So what it essentially means when couple makes a baby, they pass on their knowledge & experience through their genes. So let say male & female both of 25 years make a baby, their genes will carry all that experience and pass it on to baby. Of course it won’t be 100% pass-on, but many of those, hence intelligence. This is what I thought and spoke to another analyst friend who happens to be B.Pharm and loves pure science, he concurred with my thought process. Of course this is not a new invention, rather a new discovery for me. I dug around deeper into internet and found some amazing insight. Like as per one Harvard bioengineer and geneticist – single gram of DNA has capacity of 5.5 petabits or 700 terabytes (1 –terabytes = 1000GB), you can read it here . So now I know part of the reason why babies are smart or intelligent

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