Dopinder, taxi driver in movie deadpool


Life is a strange thing, one has no clue whom will you meet and when. I was out for meeting and was running late; I hollered for a taxi and asked for Nariman Point and got it. I saw traffic on the road and moaned “bahut traffic hai idhar” and Taxi Driver an old man with wrinkles on his face replied “yeah kuch bhi nahi hai beta”. Looking at long line of cars, I was taken aback by his casualness and said “kya baat kar raha ho chacha? And he respectfully maintained his stance.

As usual I asked him “kitna saal huwa aapko taxi chalte? And he said “45 years”, that’s pretty long time, I said with surprise “baap re, retire kab hona hai?, to which his reply was equally  unexpected “company ne retire nahi kiya, to mein taxi chalana kyu chod do?. I was confused at his statement and that was visible clearly on my face, so he offered to clarify by saying “mein private driver ka naukri karta hu?, ok, yeah taxi nikali kyu ki sahab bahar hai aur meri chuti hai. So the guy has full time driver job & drives taxi on holiday to make extra buck. This was new to me, because I was under the impression a driver can get taxi on hire usually for long term and not 1 day. So to clarify I asked “to aap naukri bhi karte hai?” to which he replied “haan aur taxi bhade pe bhi deta hu” … aapne pass 5 taxi hai- WTF (wait for more)…..oops…..he was the owner of the 5 taxi and gives on rent when he is on job.  I got more curious on how he manages taxi & regular job, so I asked him “kitna time huwa aapko naukri mein” to which he said “karib 30 saal, roj subah sheth ki gaadi chalta hu, shaam ko 5-6 baje taxi nikalta hu”. Now this is absolutely crazy, more curious I wanted to know if he sticked with one boss or kept changing to which he said , he has been with same boss ….:-o. I think boss has to be credited he has to be pretty good boss, so I said “aache Sheth lagte hai” and he acknowledged “haan bahut aache hai, worli mein flat diya hai rehne ko… mouth which was open got more wide (keep reading, I am sure it will hit the floor), he continued “haan woh Hotel-1(big brand) hai na? Woh unka hai, woh jo Hotel-2 (big brand) woh bhi unka hai. Having tracked hotel industry in past, I could easily figure out who he was talking about, so I asked if it was XXXX (surname of one of the richest family of India) and he replied with full name(confirming my guess)… now I had no idea how to reply other than “accha hai or badiya hai” and he continued “haan khana peena bhi free hai, unki hotel ki bahar gaadi lagake mein aandar jaa ke khaana khaa sakta hu free mein, Sheth ne pura permission diya hai” and that’s when my destination arrived and told him “bus bhaiya yeahi rok dijeye”.

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