If there is something that really fascinates human being is Forecasting or knowing what future would be. Since times immemorial we have always believe that there is someone out there who knows what will happen tomorrow. This is especially true in investing industry. We always like to know which company is gone do well or bad, which industry is gone be future darling of investor, or simpler terms next quarterly/yearly earnings. I remember watching Minority Report and thinking if we can’t predict future of everything that’s fine at least let’s have ability to forecast calamity/crimes etc all the bad things that harm people – to avoid the same. And looks somebody thought same and tried to come up with algorithm to predict individual risk of committing a crime and guess what???  It’s biased against certain race, read more about it here – Machine Bias – There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacksLink here

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