The Questions That Matter – And the questions that don’t – Link here

This Bull Market Is Powered by Your Indifference – Link here

This much I know: Daniel Kahneman – The 78-year-old Nobel prize-winning psychologist on his pessimistic mother, the delusion of investment bankers and the need for irony – Link here

Dumb Alpha: Trailing or Forward Earnings? – Link here

Dollar Shave Club: How Michael Dubin Created A Massively Successful Company and Re-Defined CPG – Link here

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Feudal trap: Why do Indians fear prostitutes and traders? – Link here

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Best-Paid CEOs Run Some of Worst-Performing Companies – Link here & Link here

Most of hardcore long term investor are familiar with concept of behavioural finance/science, this article “Set It and Forget It: How Default Settings Rule the World” Link here – is in continuation of authors earlier article “Too Human (Not) to Fail” Link here

Driverless Cars Threaten to Crash Insurers’ Earnings – Technology may be decades away, but firms are already scrambling to figure out how to deal with expected decline in premiums as autos become safer – Link here

(info graphic) How Jeff Bezos Built his Amazon Empire – Link here

I have been following Game Of Thrones, House of Cards and few other shows, I use to always wonder how they the whole process of making it works and here it is all explained in 3mins – Link here

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