Hollywood is known for its VFX and animated movies that are larger the than life, at the same time cost of doing is also very high, as per one estimate on Quora, a 5 second shot would cost around $80,000 (now we know why movies cost so high). As per another website, Steven Spielberg’s Avatar had employed 1,844 people to work on its VFX, while Iron Man had 1,834 and Avenger’s had 1,514. Since most of the businesses are getting disrupted by tech, looks like this VFX industry is also rip for the same – Watch: Technology developed at MIT could make videos truly interactive – Link here – I clearly see two advantage of it. First most of the big studios like Sony & Disney’s of the world have their own studio, so this new tech would probably lower requirement of manpower. Second hopefully our very own Bollywood would start using more of VFX.

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Chinese scientists to pioneer first human CRISPR trial – Link here – and I am not sure whether to be happy or scared, just like knife can be used to chop vegetables or rob someone, CRISPR can be used either way.

Uber – Didi deal needs some more studying and here are few interesting insights – Ola’s non-compete pact with Didi tested in Uber China deal – Link here . However I found this insight to be very interesting – Chinese tech firms forced to choose their market: home or everywhere else – Link here – I wonder why Chinese govt would want their domestic company to choose between home or international market?, I mean, if china think of ruling world, its business that rules and one ought to be more support of home companies that become big globally.

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