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The Most Important Lessons – Lesson 1: Know thyself, value investor – Link here

Outlook grows dimmer for stock-picking fund managers – Link here

The $90 Billion Investor Who’s Out to Fire Wall Street – Link here

Lies, Damn Lies, and Financial Statistics – Link here

China Is Playing a $9 Trillion Game of Chicken With Savers – Link here

With the rise of OTT platforms, are more Indians watching the IPL on their phones than television? – Link here

Here’s One More Thing to Blame on Senior ManagementLink here

The age of unenlightenment – An inflated sense of our own wisdom is making us dumber and less civil. Can the experts bring us back into line? – Link here

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AILink here

Humankind: The Post-Truth SpeciesLink here

There has been lot of noise about Aadhar and hence it makes immense sense to listen to founder Nandan Nilekani, two interviews with lot of good insights –Seminal year for move towards cashless paymentsLink here and Aadhaar is being demonised because it’s so transparentLink here

Deep Work: Rules for focussed success in a distracted worldLink here

Why Banning the Salary-History Question Is Good for Job ApplicantsLink here

Movie Studios love the blockbuster franchise because it tells what audience likes and studio can replicate the same again. Hollywood studio has truly understood this concept and made a science out of an Art. Unlike studio bosses or producer or director or anybody guessing what audience liked in movie, one has to show data what works and what doesn’t, here is what data analysis for a movie looks like for “The Fast & The Furious Series” – The Stats of the FuriousLink here

 The 20 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World – Link here

Stories, not places, inspire us to travel – Link here –if automation kicks in and takes up a lot of routine jobs, countries need to develop service jobs that can replace the same. There is need to create a job that is personalized in nature and hence not replaceable by machines, giving a guided tour, sharing stories of historic places is one such job which I believe has a lot of potentials in a country like India that has an awesome history and places to offer to the global tourist. No doubt there is a small risk of the guide being replaced by a handheld mp3 player that has pre-recorded stories.


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