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Watch: Robot bricklayers are here. Could they replace manual construction workers in India too? – Robotic process automation could lead to a loss of half of the world’s jobs by 2050 – Link here

What if You Could Grow a Baby in a Bottle? – Link here

A Chicken That Grows Slower and Tastes Better – Link here

If you observe every industry has its unique way of doing a scam, of course, its financial industry that’s probably at the forefront or is more highlighted in media, not sure which one. Here is one scam pertaining to wildlife photography – Love wildlife photos? There’s a good chance they weren’t shot in the wildLink here

Why I Lost My Bet With Warren Buffett – Link here

Experts on an Earlier Version of the World – Link here

ETFs Become the Investing World’s No. 1 Scapegoat – Link here

Trading volatility? Good luck catching that sharp knife – Link here

IIT Roorkee scientists create low-cost solar cells using Jamun – Link here

The Absolute Return Letter – Investment RulesLink here

UDAN: Giving flight to aam aadmi’s aspirations – Link here – Before UDAN, India had set up 76 operational airports in 70 years; and now in one year we will add 33.”

Prioritising these three things will improve your life — and maybe even save it – Link here

So this is phenomena that everybody would have witnessed, wherein new boss/CEO is appointed and he gets huge salary and you wonder why, well read on – The Clive Effect – Link here

Why Bargain Travel Sites May No Longer Be Bargains – Link here

How much money can you really expect when you turn in your manuscript to a publisher? – A handy guide for writers to advance payments for their books – Link here – a peek into the business model of a writer/authors/publishing industry.

I think as automation quicken its pace, this is one of the future job – Hyderabad’s Human Library – Link here

Ten Signs You’re Interviewing With The Wrong Companies – Link here

(Not related to market, but interesting) What Bullets Do to Bodies – The gun debate would change in an instant if Americans witnessed the horrors that trauma surgeons confront every day – Link here

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