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Just an anecdote that popped in my head – Sometime in 1991, Warren Buffett visited Bill Gates for dinner and they had long chat, one of their discussion is highlighted here – Link here , essences of Buffett’s argument was people are creature of habit and most likely they will keep on chewing gum and guess what happened – Link here – chewing gum sales have been coming down since some time now.  Buffett got out of Wrigley some time in 2016.

The striking similarities between mortgage-backed securities and the 17th century financial system – Link here

Chanda Kochhar Controversy : A Profitable String Of Coincidences – Link here

How Hedge Funds Get Rich – Link here

How to Talk to People About Money – Link here – this is killer advice specially for us who are regularly bombarded with “what to do in market”.

50 stocks with solid earnings power: Ability to self-fund and create value – Link here

Things don’t add up at Vakrangee: Share price, biz model, and even a Sebi probe – Link here

Curated experiences are the next big travel trend – Link here


Non-tech businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence at scale – Link here

98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you – Link here

Puducherry Has Among The Best Health Indicators In India, And Here’s Why – Link here

Chinese carriers are the new disrupters in air travel – Link here

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How Educomp may have subverted the spirit of India’s IBC process – Link here

Why you stink at fact-checking – Link here

Fund category changes as per SEBI circular – Link here

(Infographics) Here are 15 Common Data Fallacies to Avoid – Link here

What a skull in an English pub says about India’s 1857 mutiny – Link here


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