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(Must Read) The Stormtrooper Problem: Why Thought Diversity Makes Us Better – Link here

Counter intuitive Competitive Advantages – Link here

(From 2013 but makes for interesting read) The Second-Mover Advantage – Link here

How the Rich Really Play, “Who Wants To Be An Ivy Leaguer?” – Link here

Jorge Paulo Lemann is a ‘terrified dinosaur’. But he is not lying down – Link here

(Small video on Twitter) Data entry just became easier – Link here

Twelve Principles – Link here

How China’s rise and engagement is reshaping the global financial order – Link here

Global investment return conundrum – Link here

Is It Worth It To Be a Famous Fund Manager Anymore? – Link here

10 Rules for Forecasting – Link here

Why Americans Don’t Cheat on Their Taxes – Link here – idea for Govt of India

The Conventional Wisdom About Stock Buybacks Is Wrong – Link here

Nothing Happens, Then Everything Happens – Link here

India’s Market Leaders: My 10 Key ObservationsLink here

Watch: Are you wondering how the armed forces will vote? This short film will tell you – Link here

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