A Professional with over a decade of experience in Stock Market. I like Industry Analysis, Company analysis, financial modelling of the company. I would have analysed more than 100 companies across various sectors over my career till date.

After working as  Institutional Research Analyst I have made a shift in career to Institutional Equity Sales working with Domestic Broking firm. The key purpose of this blog to share thoughts, ideas and mistake pertaining to the stock market and in the process try to educate (also get educated) more people to make an informed decision.  I will also try to share concalls & meet notes pertaining to the various company I track or attend. Also, would share from time to time things I am reading and like.

The inspiration – Warren Buffett is The most respected person in Investing community and he offers a great amount of learning if one observes & listens to him thoroughly. During one of the interactions with MBA students, he was asked “I just finished business school and want to follow an investment path similar to yours. What should I do?” His response was something like “Well first unlearn half of what they taught you”…… most of the B-School do a pretty bad job at teaching stock market, imagine if this is the status of American B-School where does rest of the world would be. In order to overcome this, I do some amount of coaching (not teaching) on fundamental analysis based on my learning & experience.

Also be prepared to occasional get some funny, a slice of day or spiritual episode from the life of Analyst (mine or guest post).

Happy Reading, Investing & Learning


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