It’s been ages since Analyst upgraded his cell phone and now it looked like Analyst had too, new office pretty much demanded everybody to be on whatsapp and access mails at all point of time as “First to analyse news, is First who makes money”. So Analyst went scouting in nearby big branded store for new mobile phones. Once Analyst was through mobile section he thought to check out tablet section. It had very good collection of iPad, Samsung Tab, HCL me, Amazon Kindle, Lenovo and others.


As it’s with Indian salesman, who can’t see a customer enjoying solitude of simply checking out product & its feature, he could not control his urge to say “may I help you sir” as he came around. Analyst tried to avoid him, but as they are made of thick skin, he started blabbering various features about product and what it can do.  It’s amazing to see, young kid of age 20-22 with soo much amount of data in their head, you query them on any vital stat of any product and within a split-second they would answer you.

Poster of Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

Analyst kept on shifting to various tabs and he would start explaining various features and difference between new & old model and also that with competitor model. So Analyst queried him on basic info on memory, various connectivity tools, pre-loaded apps etc and he happily replied to all my queries. Analyst could sense how happy Sales guy was to just answer his query.  That’s when Analyst got query in mind and thought to ask him,

Analyst said “what about virus?”, Salesman with questioning look on his face said “…..virus?……”
Analyst replied “yeah..virus”….Salesman replied “no sir…this doesn’t have any virus”……
Analyst was like “ya I know that…I am saying does this thing come with loaded with anti-virus?”

Salesman in his most thoughtful way could manage to say……hmmmm…..he gave me look as if he is analysing tonnes of data to come up with right solution. Meanwhile Analyst could sense Salesman was stumped by the query. That’s’ when Salesman hits back…”I don’t think you would need that sir”

Analyst could not believe what Sales guy had said and blurted “huh….why so?”
Salesman said “because sir….viruses don’t come on tab…They only come on laptop & PC”.
Analyst for once was confused…..should he ROFL or give him small tap on his head. Salesman was watching Analyst’s confused expression….he managed to give out confident smile

Analyst smiled back and walked out saying… good it’s nice offering……thanks for all the help pal…. right now I am looking for mobile…just thought to check out tabs.

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