Read, Learn, Improve – 24-Oct-15

Intermediary Influence and Competition: Berkshire versus KKR – Link here

The Collected Wisdom of Seth Klarman – Link here

Our Brains Say Corporations Are People, Too – Link here

If it’s about saving the cow, reform the dairy industry first – Link here

Some Common Mistakes by Investors – Link here

The history of science has been centred for too long on the West, say Simon Schaffer and Sujit Sivasundaram. It’s time to think global – Link here

Unnatural Gas – The dubious ways of the environment ministry – Link here

Envy: Most lethal of all sins in Investing – Part I – Link here

Sakti3’s quest for a better battery: Hype, funding, promises, and then a surprise sale – Link here

Devangshu Datta: The discoveries that saved lives – Link here

If print media is dying, why are moneybags investing in it? – Link here

40 years ago the US sent Mexico into a financial crisis – and it transformed the narcotics industry – Link here

Crisis of Confidence in Financial Engineering – Link here

How to prepare for the right heir to take over your business – Subroto Bagchi – Link here

Why Uber Has To Start Using Self-Driving Cars – Link here

Raghuram Rajan and the online discount wars – Link here

Have we found a structure? (Interesting way how serendipity may lead to find alien/other life form) – Link here

Distinctions and Differences – Link here

Why CCD’s coffee vending machines cost Rs1.15 lakh each – Link here

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