Read,Learn,Improve – 26-Dec-15

Nice looking girl always catches eye, hence there are hardly any ads without woman/girl in it 😉

The nonsense that is gut instinct – Link here

The most misleading charts of 2015, fixed – how to lie with stats & graphs – Link here

When the KKK Was a Pyramid Scheme – Link here

David Einhorn and Reasons Why Widely Followed Stocks Get Mispriced – Link here

This amazing trash can for the sea could be the answer to the Ganga’s garbage problem – Link here

A Short History of Interest Rates – Link here

Warren Buffett Is Wrong: The Bitcoin Proof – Link here

Three Clues for Assessing Management – Link here

Money talks – Has money really changed from shells to digital apps? Underneath, money is always a token of our social relations – Link here

Not everything that counts, can be counted – Link here

Infographic: The World’s Strangest Currencies – Link here

33 Signs that Bitcoin Growth Isn’t Slowing in 2016 – Link here

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