Read, Learn, Improve – 23-Jan-16

Scene from movie The Reader, very nice movie in case you haven’t seen it do watch it.Its do with….yes…reading….there is kind of secret or twist…that one only comes to know towards the end movie and one may probably feel sorry for Kate Winslet’s character, also how much we take skill of Reading for granted. Please be advised content of movie is A rated.

The invention of farming – The biggest fraud on human kind – Link here

Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Link here

The more confident we are, the easier—and harder—we fall – Link here

Months after Kishore Biyani deal, Rajasthan’s new ration shops still can’t beat local kirana stores – Link here

Somebody’s Wrong on Reliance – Link here

Secrets of the MIT Poker Course – Can a little calculus make a total novice into a gambling pro? – Link here

The fault in our startups – Link here

Long-term Thinking and Back to Basics – Link here

A Story of the Holocaust and the AIDS Epidemic: The romance of an Indian Muslim Freedom Fighter and a Lithuanian Jewish Woman (Story of Cipla) – Link here

The Big Five: The Media Companies That The Modi Government Must Scrutinise To Fulfill Its Promise Of Ending Crony Capitalism – Link here

Gundlach warns investors not ‘to be a hero’ in this wild market – Link here

How To Spread Love In Your City in the New Year – Link here

Life is Short – reducing bullshit from life – Link here

What does market know? – Link here

Market Macro Myths: Debts, Deficits, and Delusions – Link here

Room rentals v hotels – Buffett’s revenge – Link here

Stock Market Sell-Offs Without a Recession – Link here

What really happened at Vasan Healthcare? – Link here

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