So I was at Visharam ghat at Mathura couple of weeks back, I was strolling around and enjoying the serene river view of Yamuna, soft winter air was blowing in my face – overall weather was so pleasant then one feels relaxed and calm. One of the things that everybody who visits Yamuna does it bring back a loti/kalash filled with Yamunaji. I had filled kalash with Yamuna and got it sealed by welder, however it was still not covered. As per Hinduism to protect it from aa pavitra, it needs to covered with jute cloth.

So in pics this is what empty kalash looks like and next to it is filled & covered with kantan/jute.


So I was strolling on small by lanes of Vishramghat searching for a shop that could put jute cover on kalash, when I spotted one shop selling empty & filled kalash. I went nearby store and saw owner gathering his stuff, I asked him if he can cover kalash with jute and he replied positively, but questioned how many pieces? I said only 1. He hesitated and then said thik hai sir, dukan band kar raha ha thaa, par koi baat nahi. I asked how much would it cost me and he said Rs125/-, I was shocked to hear it and said “bhai itna mehenga kyu?” he replied thik hai sir Rs20 (bies rupaiya) de dena. Now I was like…what…? He replied sir bies neeche koi nahi karega…I was still thinking what’s happening, did he quote Rs20 or he meant Rs120/-. So finally thought to clarify and asked bhai Rs20 ki Rs120 ? and he smiled and said sir Rs20/-…I was oh ok.

I handed over my kalash to him, while he went inside to search for raw material, while I took seat outside his shop. He came back with jute material & started working, then he asked me “sir aapne kya suna thaa?, I replied ek soo paaches (125), he smiled while working on kalash.

Once done he handed me kalash, I gave him Rs100 and said paaches (25) le lena, he replied back with smile koi baat nahi mein bies (Rs20) hi lunga and I was left speechless.

Makes me wonder why people act the way they do, sometime we run in to thieves and some time noble guys. Guy had every chance to make that extra buck but he didn’t, he kept his word.

World & People never fails to surprise us I guess, have little faith 🙂

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