Mary Meeker one of the partners at renowned Silicon Valley venture-capital fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byer delivered her annual Internet Trends, Link here for her complete presentation (200+ slides). Below are the key pointers that I could spot

  • Global internet user stands @3bn and is growing at 9% YoY, excluding india growth stands at 7% YoY
  • India has 2nd largest of internet user with 277mn, after China, US drops to 3rd.
  • India’s internet user grew by 40% YoY vs 33% YoY
  • Global Smartphone user growth stands at 21%YoY vs 31% YoY
  • China’s Gross Capital formation in last 6 years is higher than in previous 30 years (in numbers 2010-15 – US$21Tr, 1980-2009 – US$20Tr)
  • World population growth rate is slowing to 1.2% vs 2% in 1975
  • People shared 3bn photos in 2015 vs 2bn in 2014 and ~250mn in 2010
  • In Thailand people shop online through instagram ( a primarily photo sharing app)
  • Average global smartphone users has 33 apps of which one uses 12 daily, of which 3 actually take up 80% of time (4hrs) (3 apps are FB, WhatsApp & Chrome)
  • As speech recognition accuracy goes from 95% to 99% it would be game changer (currently it stands around 90%)
  • Google self-driving car project has driven more than 1.5mn miles, while Tesla customers have driven 100mn miles with Autopilot active.
  • Slide 134 to 160 gives insight into how tech would change Automobile (Car) industry
  • Amazon has 3% market share of total retail sales in USA, while Alibaba has ~6.5% share of total china retail sales
  • Netflix has revenue half that of Viacom, however its market cap is double that of Viacom
  • Non-tech companies have become aggressive in acquiring tech companies
  • Highlights by other website – Link here

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