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I and my friend came across this interesting company, have a look and please let me know your views/feedback/comment, anything on the same – Link here

Mumbai has an efficient, exclusive food-delivery service—if you can afford it – Link here

WHY WE LIE: THE SCIENCE BEHIND OUR DECEPTIVE WAYS – Honesty may be the best policy, but scheming and dishonesty are part of what makes us human – Link here

How to be your own quant by Jason Zweig – Link here

I have discussed a lot about CRISPR in past (you can search for CRISPR in the search box to check out old articles) in continuation with the same here is an interesting video on the same – A Biologist Explains CRISPR In Five Increasingly Complex Ways – Link here (Video). One key risk that most people have about CRISPR is the ability to have a designer baby, however, if you go through the link you would understand that it’s probably far off, before we actually start seeing any practical/real life application of CRISPR.

Offshore wind won a German power auction without needing any subsidies – As prices plummet, offshore wind is now competitive with nuclear power, and gas is ‘in sight’ – Link here

Bad Experiences – Link here (interesting take on how culture affects or decides risk appetite)

Is efficient-market theory becoming more efficient? – Theory is changing traders’ behaviour. And vice versa – Link here

The Unfortunate Rise Of The Misleading ‘Scary Chart’ Comparisons Again – Link here

How Nvidia is surfing the AI wave – Link here

If you have been following autonomous car projects, you would know that it would be stages – that is we would not have the fully autonomous car at one go, but rather it would happen in stages – Autonomous driving levels 0 to 5: Understanding the differences – Link here. Hence after reading this, it would become evident that if you are a believer of autonomous car and want to take early exposure to the same – of course, it would probably be 5/10/20year theme – auto ancillary (Bosch or ZF Steering ) are the best placed to take advantage of it.

Don’t Be Fooled By High Dividend Yields – Link here

Reframing the Concept of Risk – Link here and (ppt) Crashes, Terrorists, Sharks – Oh, My! – Link here

Oil Price Target: $0 (by 2050) – The Absolute Return Letter – Link here

The ghost who writes: Thriving business of anonymous authorship – Link here

Healthy Relationships, Healthy Life – Link here

Why UBER will be a massively valuable Company – Link here

Maruti Suzuki, General Motors and the auto wars in India – Link here – written by ex-Maruti  Chief General Manager of Marketing and Sales.

Have stocks reached ‘a permanently high plateau’? Or: Whatever happened to market corrections? – Link here

What George Carlin Can Teach You About Pitch Books – Link here

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