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How 15,080 Profitable Indian Companies Paid No Tax in 2015-16 – Link here

Bulls, Bears & Charlatans – Link here

The Unsung Heroes of Investing – Link here

No One Has Ever Made a Corruption Machine Like This One – Link here

To err is human; so is the failure to admit it – Link here

Amazon and Walmart’s all-out price war is terrifying America’s biggest brands – Link here (super insight into Amazon business model/tricks/pressure tactics, etc.)

A Tale of Two Markets: Politics and Investing! (By Damodaran) – Link here

Stop Waiting for the ‘All Clear’ From Markets – Link here

India’s space business is ready for lift-off – Link here

The grave implications of Infosys’s moves – Link here

Amazon is about to transform how you buy groceries – Link here

Are Modi’s Schemes Old Wine in New Bottles? – Link here

14 Things the Market Does Not Care About – Link here

The Seduction of Pessimism – Link here

Why the World’s Billionaire Investors Buy Precious Metals (Infographic) – Link here

The business of GIFs: Then and now – (Video) – Link here

Why it’s so hard to say no to your boss — even if you’re director of the FBI – Link here – I wonder if similar thing happens in sell side when HoR tells analyst to come up with Buy report on a particular stock ;-).

Why we do what we do, and where does money come into it – Link here



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