Good News for Young Strivers: Networking Is Overrated-Link here

Simple message “In life, it certainly helps to know the right people. But how hard they go to bat for you, how far they stick their necks out for you, depends on what you have to offer. Building a powerful network doesn’t require you to be an expert at networking. It just requires you to be an expert at something.

If you make great connections, they might advance your career. If you do great work, those connections will be easier to make. Let your insights and your outputs — not your business cards — do the talking.

Star’s gamble, Sony’s one-dimensional strategy: Takeaways from IPL media rights auction – Link here

Forget Wall Street – Silicon Valley is the new political power in Washington – Link here

Tiny changes can have big implications – Link here – “As Charlie Munger warns, some people — in my view, managements and industry analysts — will tend to be misled by tiny changes involving low contrast, and will often miss a trend that is destiny. “

In india we have agents who can get you original aadhar card or PAN card or passport etc, very soon we would probably tonnes of these – Inside the black market where people pay thousands of dollars for Instagram verification  – Link here

In a high-tech world, car designers still rely on clay – Link here – a small insight into automobile business.

36 Obvious Investment Truths – Link here

New work constructs in the intelligent age – Link here

The next superpower in global food supply – Link here

The Tale of Two Stocks That Went Up 10x Because of a Good Story – Link here

How science found a way to help coma patients communicate – Link here

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Dives Deeper Into the ‘Principles’ of Tough Love – Link here

It’s been sometime everybody has been predicting downfall /end of Trump presidency, in fact few believe it’s not question of if but rather when, here is one theory of downfall might happen – Master spy novelist John le Carré has thoughts on how Trump might fall – Link here. At the same time very interesting development related to US election came from FB – Thousands Of Facebook Ads Tied To Bogus Russian Accounts – Link here

NDTV wants to ban mobile phones at its AGM – Link here “the champion of free speech and public causes, has decided to bar its shareholders, who are co-owners, from carrying mobile phones, bags and other accessories during its annual general meeting (AGM)”needless to say another new low for corporate governance.


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