What We Know About Financial Bubbles – Link here , since we on to it who doesn’t remember Tulipmania, however, you might be surprised to know the real reason behind the same here is the full story – Bulb Bubble Trouble –  Link here – you might agree with Buffett’s saying derivates are weapons of mass destruction since 1637.

Skills vs. Behavior – Link here

So Few Market Winners, So Much Dead WeightLink here

Why Himachali Women Work: A Jam Factory May Have Answers – Link here

Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Stop You From Reading This Because The Algorithms Have Already Won – Link here

The Turkish maverick who plants hair and parties hard – Link here

The Coming Bear Market? – by ROBERT J. SHILLERLink here

HFCL Scrip Drama: Raises Intriguing Questions – Link here

“Samjha Karo Yaar”. Notes from an Annual General Meeting of HT Media – Link here (a humorous day in life of shareholder attending HT media AGM)

I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets – Link here

Picking a fund manager? The odds aren’t great – Link here

Heard of Cobra Effect? Be careful what you ask for – Link here or Link here

Nykaa: Selling beauty onlineLink here

CIO Exclusive — Ray Dalio: Why I Came Out of the Woodwork – Link here

Piramal Enterprises Ltd updated on their housing finance business, have a look at their presentation, makes interesting readLink here

The history of the persecution of Myanmar’s Rohingya – Link here

One Spouse, Two Cars, Three Houses, Four Jobs – Link here

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