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“My wife banned me from riding a bike” – musings of a behavioral finance victim – Link here

Unintended consequences of human interference – Link here

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles – Link here

Sholay, Satyam and Fortis Healthcare – Link here or Link here

10 traits to look for in multibaggers – Link here

An economist gave the most compelling design talk at TED—about doughnutsLink here

A spotter’s guide to bull corrections and bear markets – Morgan StanleyLink here

Inverted Yield Curves and RecessionsLink here

There are always scam going around us in some way or the another, here is interesting one – One Sketchy Photo Shoot Landed This Woman’s Face On Everything From Bottled Water To Vaginal Cream Link here

Six precepts every investor should rememberLink here

StingRays – After reading this one wonder how much privacy actually exits and second how does a country protect its state secrets – Link here

The race for 5G: Why China wants to dominate next gen wireless internet – Link here

The Rush for Elusive Cash – Link here

Chasing The Machine – India’s first computers and the Cold War – Link here

The hidden secrets of India’s world record-breaking ‘fairy cave’ – Link here

How our politicians find donor kidneys so easily – Link here

Why these extraordinary sea hunting people in Asia can dive hundreds of feet on a single breathLink here

If you have story or idea to share feel free to get in touch with me (either you can write or narrate me). All due credits would be given to original author or it can as anonymous. It can be anything a simple idea or concept or scoop on market anything.

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