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Only 4.75 Million Join India’s Workforce Annually, Not 12 Million As Claimed – Link here

Since we are on to jobs and everybody seems to be worried that there are not enough jobs being created and that could someday spark civil unrest here is brilliant write up – Job concerns in India are overdone by Mahesh Nandurkar CLSA India StrategistLink here

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is probably one of the most important policy under current government, it may be social issues but do you know it has economic impact too, this article brilliant captures the same – The economics of sanitationLink here

For Warren Buffett fans – all AGM videos – Link here

How Scooters Are Helping Haryana’s Women Get To Work – Link heresmall changes that leads to huge demand of a product over period of time.

Indian innovation: The pressure cooker fix that saved TKK Prestige from imminent bankruptcyLink here – Excerpted from book Disrupt and Conquer: How TKK Prestige Became A Billion-Dollar Company – Buy book – Link here

The Grocery Industry Confronts a New Problem: Only 10% of Americans Love Cooking – Link here

Wall Street Is Pouring Money Into House Flipping – Link here

New Amazon Channels Data Shows Why Apple Wants to Copy It – Link here

How to dope a horse – Link herethis is for REAL.

The Autonomous-Car Company That’s Selling Safety First – Link here

At Cafe Coffee Day, a brewing problem – Link here – I have observed from very small sample set, people don’t mind paying premium for coffee at Starbucks, while same is not the case with CCD. I always wonder why or how can CCD manage to charge such a premium.

Why corporate America loves Donald Trump – Link here

How to select growth stocks that aren’t destroyers of capital – Link here

Dabur – Handing Over Control of a Family Business – Link here

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