So I recently finished reading “The Sceptical Patriot”, its superb book if you are interested in getting to know real facts about India.

Often once in a while you get those messages saying why is India so Great because – India Invented zero, India invented plastic surgery, because 30% of NASA employees are Indian or 35% of Microsoft employees are Indian etc etc – for someone who has grown up using emails to SMS to WhatsApp- we have got those messages number of times. However has anybody ever bother to check veracity of those so called “Facts”, well here is author who just did that. He has picked up few of such facts and researched thoroughly to give you insight. It makes for a wonderful read, Author has done amazing research work to back it up.

Last chapter, which list out real reason why author thought of writing this book, is what really hits you, what really makes us Indian, who is really Indian.

Its pleasure read, if you have open mind, if you are ready to suspend your beliefs and listen to what somebody has to say, this is one hell of book that will surely increase your knowledge.

The Sceptical Patriot: Exploring the Truths Behind the Zero and Other Glories – Buy – Link here

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