As per investopedia Gillette has 70% global market share of shaving blades, taking advantage of its strong market hold it has been resorting to strong price hike (my mach 3 was priced at 25% higher compared to last year). I use to always think its opportunity for new player entrant, however it would take deep pocket to do so (marketing & branding) and hence we never so any new entrant. However now things seems to be changing – Unilever recently announced acquisition of Dollar shave – Link here and Link here

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My boss shares amazing one line quotes on daily basis and yesterday he sent us this – ” There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” and if you remember the The Big Brexit crisis, it’s probably time to check facts that were shared by both Exit & Remain camp – Link here

Entertainment & Investment Rush is hollywood movie based on real life incidents/ rivalry between two Formula 1 race driver Niki lauda and James Hunt, go ahead and watch it – very intense and many learnings. There is one particular scene in the movie where Niki Lauda (World Chanpion) communicates his risk appetite clearly.  It’s raining very heavily and race track is as such dangerous with rain more so. If you don’t have time, watch scene here

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