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This may just prove to be positive for Indian pharmaceutical companies – Counterfeit pills, potentially from China, killed Prince, investigators now believe – Link here

Have you heard of Galapagos syndrome – well It explains how the country’s geography, history, and culture have come together to create a love for a technology that the rest of the world has all but forgotten. In case you wondering one such business here is bamboozle for you – Why Japan has more old-fashioned music stores than anywhere else in the worldLink here

DEUTSCHE BANK’S $10-BILLION SCANDAL – How a scheme to help Russians secretly funnel money offshore unraveled – Link here

98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you – Link here

How a British plan to convert an illiterate boy into a loyal maharaja failed – Link here

XXXI Olympics came to end last week, here is interesting take on what it takes to win medal – Letter from… Milton Keynes – Link here . In Stock market, investor pays attention to Top Management – their value system, habits, capability, etc – same thing goes for sports. If we want to win medals we probably need to clean up & bring in right people along with right culture – InGovern one of the top Corporate Governance and Advisory firm came up with full fledge report that looks at – Governance of Sports in India – 2016:01Link here , or alternatively you can read news-story on same report – Link here

The watchers – Alternative-data firms are shedding new light on corporate performance – Link here

Data Geeks Are Taking Over Economics – Link here

How to Stay Rich in Europe: Inherit Money for 700 Years – Link here

Accountancy’s Big Four need more competition – I myself have been wondering about this and hopefully we should have more competition, but it’s difficult market to break in – Link here

The Upside of Losing Half Your Money – The importance of extreme diversification – Link here

The Spectrum Auction: How Economists Saved the Day – Link here

The Man Who Woke Up One Morning and Forgot How to Read – Link here

Mapping the Greatest Empires of History – Link here

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