The Global Guru on Valuation Aswath Damodaran seldomly writes on valuation without numbers and when he does, it’s a treat in its own way – Investing and Valuation Lessons from the Renaissance – Link here

Bronze Trumps Silver? Counterfactual Thinking and the Olympics – Link here

Katsuyama Shakes Up Industry Even Before His IEX Exchange Opens – Link here

As a kid I was made aware about Bigfoot/Yeti through Bollywood & believed it to be true. Come internet age and satellite channel I was disappointed to learn this was purely fiction or rather imagination. But looks like there are always some people who continue to remain irrational or hopeful and create a business out of it estimate to be worth $10bn – move on unicorn, we have mega unicorn- The mystery of how a company set up to search for Bigfoot hit a $10 billion value – Link here

WTF is Experience Design? – Link here (don’t miss Acron video)

We humans love to predict future, almost majority of stock market participates are involved in doing the same which one should avoid. If one compares historic prediction vs reality, reality is often different. One would be compelled to say how did we miss this? Like since invention of the car, everyone has been predicting personal cars that can fly. I think very few people actually thought of automated cars prior to jumping to flying cars. Anyway here is food for thoughts on what would happen when automated cars hit the road – When Cars Fly – Link here


What a well-known researcher discovered when he asked people to flip a coin on important life decisions – Link here

Cheating death – Science is getting to grips with ways to slow ageing. Rejoice, as long as the side-effects can be managed – Link here

The Rise of the Buy Side – Financial rewards for trading are down. Incentives for making markets are gone. And the business of bond trading has been turned on its head – Link here

Virtu Never Loses (Well, Almost Never) – In the history of electronic trading, no company has been as successful as this paradigm-changing market maker, which operates in more venues than it has employees – Link here

Things I’m Pretty Sure About – A few big lessons – Link here

Is it time for a world technology organization? – Link here

Mining the Ocean Floor: Good Idea? – Link here

How Progress Occurs – Link here

Here’s a Bunch of Data That Shows How Great The World is Doing – Link here


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