(Beauty of Rohtang Pass)

How to Become One of the Most Valued Suppliers to the Booming Electric Car Industry – Link here

Why The Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming From Inside The White House – By Michael Lewis – Link here

How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup – Link here

The Secret Economic Lives of Animals – Wasps do it, baboons do it. Economics isn’t just a human activity – Link here – (courtesy/thanks to AJ one of the follower)

Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism – Link here

How Fast Food Chains Supersized Inequality – Link here

Tobacco’s Teflon Gets Tested – Link here – this happened in USA, I am trying to find out if something like this can happen in India? who is the authority who regulates this or there is no authority? , any insight on the same would be appreciated.

I know I am late, but it’s long and takes a time to finish. In case you have not read it here it is again, do read it – Howard Marks Memo – There They Go Again – Link here

Here’s How Unicorns Trick You Into Thinking They’re Real – Link here

Netflix is on the hook for $20 billion. Can it keep spending its way to success? – Link here

This Amazon Threat Just Got Even More Real – Link here

Why You Feel Richer or Poorer Than You Really Are – Link here

Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? – Link here – insight into the business of scientific magazine publisher.

 ‘Tragedy follows him everywhere:’ What I discovered while writing my book about Ramdev – Link here

Last week, I am sure you would have been bombarded with this new “Facebook shuts down controversial chatbot experiment after AIs develop their own language to talk to each other” – Link here – first it started with some unknown website carrying it as it is analytics these days, every media house soon realized what was getting hit, they also started carrying article. That’s when it really hits you, when people around you straight away start questioning future of humanity rather than questioning authenticity of the story – everybody brings up how Elon Musk had warned Mark Zuckerberg, now it’s Musk – 1, Zuckerberg – 0 and etc etc. it goes until suddenly you read this – Facebook didn’t kill its language-building AI because it was too smart—it was actually too dumbLink here, for all those who are still sacred about AI taking over humanity and we being ruled by Terminator – refer article – The body is the missing link for truly intelligent machinesLink here – shared in Read, Learn, Improve – 1-Apr-17.

Bhavani Devi, a priest’s daughter supported by Jayalalithaa, is putting India on world fencing map – The first Indian to win a fencing gold at a world event – Link here

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