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Take the Generic Drug, Patients Are Told — Unless Insurers Say No – Link here

After trying to build self-driving tractors for more than 20 years, John Deere has learned a hard truth about autonomy – Link here

Has China’s Rise Topped Out? – Link here

Mazda boosts petrol engine efficiency in fresh blow to diesel – Link here and Mazda’s Crafty New Engine Makes More Miles From Less FuelLink here

How the World’s Biggest Buyout Deal Crashed and Burned – Link here

Why Everyone Should Write – Link here

Are Index Funds Evil? – A growing chorus of experts argue that they’re strangling the economy—and must be stopped – Link here

Markets Don’t Work for Everything – Link here

This is how many fund managers actually beat index funds – Link here

Humans and robots are on the cusp of a sexual intimacy we may never reverse – Link here – I was attending analyst meet of agrochemical company and company mentioned that human population is increasing , we would be 10 billion planet or so by 2050 etc etc and if you look at many of reports by World Bank or IMF or US Agriculture Department and other such global organization they all have population moving  one way – that is up. Mind you most of us also work with the same assumption, however, if you read above article, things may very well change. There have been anecdotal trend visible like in Japan – Link here and Millennials (the mobile generation) is too busy with their mobile – Link here . If these trends pick up the pace, we would very well see population de-growth, alas it’s anyways guessing if and when.

Scientists Hit Breakthrough In Quest To Transplant Pig Organs Into Humans – Link here

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