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(Must Read) Keep It Simple: 11 Rules for Equity Valuations – Link here

The Dead Man Fund – How the world’s worst investor fleeced clients who couldn’t complain – Link here

DHL Group – Packstation Success In A Crowded Physical Delivery World – Link here

Tesla Approaches Terminal Decline – Link here

Video: How Indians took to tea after a century of aggressive marketing campaigns – Link here

How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online – Link here

First Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical ‘Big Brother’ – Link here

Video – Why The Most Incompetent People Think They’re The Best – Link here

There’s More Farmland in the World Than Was Previously Thought – Link here

‘Market manipulation 101’: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’-style ‘pump and dump’ scams plague cryptocurrency markets – Link here

It Feels A Lot Like 2007 Again: Reflecting On The Previous Peak – Link here

New CEO Tim Buckley: To run Vanguard, ‘you have to be willing not to be a billionaire’Link here

Trump, Brexit and Echoes of World War I – Link here

The seven megatrends that could beat global warming: ‘There is reason for hope’ – Link here

Electric cars’ green image blackens beneath the bonnet – Link here – reality check on how much eco friendly EVs would be. “It’s a race, but it’s a very stupid race. It’s not towards a good solution,” he says. “If you switch from oil to cobalt and lithium, you have not addressed any problem, you have just switched your problem.”

Economics isn’t a bogus science — we just don’t use it correctly – Link here



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