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Amazon’s Last Mile – Link here

Tulip mania versus bitcoin ideology – Link here

Everything we learned from the Tesla Semi and Roadster event – Link here

The Periodic Table of Endangered Elements – Link here

Google’s Internet Missionaries – Link here – I think teaching how to use internet can create lot of self employment.

The devious art of lying by telling the truthLink here

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous – How to Deal with Overconfidence in Financial Markets – Link here

Politics & Investing Don’t Mix (Presentation) – Link here or Link here

Why Apple’s HomePod Is Three Years Behind Amazon’s Echo – Link here

Never Do That Again – Link here

Rules of Thumb are Worthless – Link here

Tesla’s Newest Promises Break the Laws of Batteries – Link here

In Search of Market Signals in the $450 Million Da Vinci – Link here
This elastic yarn could be the future of power generation – Link here (Thanks JA)

Map: Visualizing Every Ship at Sea in Real-Time – Link here and if you are shareholder of company that manages port, you may want check out – Link here – their paid services piqued my interest, I think one can get traffic data portwise, very helpful for analyst in projections.

39 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago – Link here


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