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Why Competitive Advantages Die – Link here

This company may have solved one of the hardest problems in clean energy – Link here – replacement/ competition of Elon Musk?

Cows might fly – When the land is all filled up, it’s time to get creative with it, as small countries like Switzerland already know – Link here

The WeWork Manifesto: First, Office Space. Next, the World – Link here – not sure if its only me or anybody else who thinks we are back in era, wasting money.

Tulip mania: the classic story of a Dutch financial bubble is mostly wrong – Link here

Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army – The regime in Pyongyang has sent hundreds of programmers to other countries. Their mission: Make money by any means necessary. Here’s what their lives are like – Link here

10 Questions For Arun Jaitley On Nirav Modi Scam – Link here

South Korea’s Most Dangerous Enemy: Demographics – Link here

Rupal J. Bhansali: Insist on the “And” Proposition – Link here

Fortis Healthcare – Repeat of Satyam? – Link here

The great big spotify scam: did a bulgarian playlister swindle their way to a fortune on streaming service? – Link here

Knowledge @Wharton – What’s Behind One of the Biggest Financial Scams in History – Link here –interview with WSJ Journalist that wrote book – The Spider Network – on LIBOR Scam – Book Details

Here is one consolidated resource on India’s best investor – Link here

The Most Chill Nation at the Winter Olympics Is Crushing It – Link here – I wonder if something similar is applicable to investing, most of investor/researcher are always in knee depth of documents and trying to talk to management.

U.S. Spies to Partner With Humanitarian Groups to Keep an Eye on North Korea – Link here – Not sure why USA is doing something like this, they didn’t do same for Iraq or other regime, something is cooking.

In case you missed winter Olympics, do check this out – The science behind Olympic figure skating’s most dangerous—and incredible—feat Link here

China just built a 55 kilometer bridge to Hong Kong – the longest sea bridge in the world, made from the same amount of steel as 60 Eiffel TowersLink here

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