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The Curse of Intelligence – Link here

Hiring and Firing Asset Managers – Link here

Mental models from graveyards – Link here

Why Financial Statements Don’t Work for Digital Companies – Link here

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Baby Photos Online – Link here

What might the Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan health care joint venture actually do? – Link here

Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – digested read – Link here

Why people collect art – Collectors drive the art world, but what drives art collectors? It’s less about aesthetics than self-identification – Link here


The Case against Google – Link here

Warren Buffett’s 3 Most Profitable Pieces Of Advice – Link here

Investors missed the most important lesson in Warren Buffett’s annual letter – Link here

NATHAN MYHRVOLD, MYTH BUSTER – He was the physicist who went to Microsoft and made his fortune. These days he’s a tycoon, philanthropist, dino-hunter and bestselling author – Link here

Video: The Indian who pioneered fiber optics and missed winning the Nobel remains an unsung hero – Link here


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