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(Must Read) I accidentally came across this article – Stock Buybacks are Bad? What About the Alternative — InvestmentLink here – in simple term it proves with evidence don’t invest in firm that has huge R&D budget.

The When-In-Doubt-Follow-Others syndrome – Link here

The Death of Fossil Fuels? Really? – Link here

“It seemed like a good idea at the time” by Prof Sanjay Bakshi – Link here

Elon Musk acted like a jerk, and Tesla stock paid the price – Link here

Why the US and pharmaceutical giants want a provision in India’s patent law revoked – Link here

Where will the next crisis occur? – Link here

Why Tech Founders Get Hot – Link here

The Difference Between a Bubble and a Cycle – Link here

Casualties of Your Own Success – Link here

Smart spending: You can rent a yacht and live a day like a billionaire – Link hereinsight into  mumbai’s yatch renting business.

Despite ‘Record’ Allocation, 57% MGNREGS Wages Due Remained Unpaid In April 2018 – Link heremarket participates have been bullish on consumption theme, wonder if this would hamper it.

Be Careful What You Choose – How Your Preferences Evolve and Why It MattersLink here

How To Arbitrage Human Nature – Link here

IDFC MF’s YouTube channel has interesting series of video on mental bias & behavioral finance anchored & narrated by Rolf Dobelli – author of “The Art of Thinking Clearly” – Link here


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