How Ferrero Rocher became a status symbol for immigrant familiesLink here

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Google’s robot assistant now makes eerily lifelike phone calls for you – Link here

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How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People? – Link here or China’s behavior monitoring system bars some from travel, purchasing property – Link here

Climate change turns coastal property into junk bond – Link here

An IIT student explains how he used his engineering skills to save a diabetic’s life mid-flight – Link here

Why Disney rarely pays movie stars huge salariesLink here – very interesting insight into Disney’s strategy and movie business in general.

Tesla’s Factory in a Fishbowl – Link here

We Don’t Need Solar And Wind To Save The Climate — And It’s A Good Thing, TooLink here

Nobody Planned This, Nobody Expected It – Link here

This 360-degree theater is an incredible way to experience film – Link here – I think VR is gone be another game changing tech that can revolutionize multiple industry – entertainment, travel & tourism. I think with right content it can probably motivate many of us to go to gym, it can create a games that are fun and in process burn fats.

Why selling their vote is a rational choice for a large segment of voters in India – Link here

OTT Disruption In The Indian Media Sector – Link here, make sure to read this also Can Hindi GECs re-invent themselves?Link here – key thing that stood out for me was “Over the last three years, however, Hindi GECs have lost a fifth of their share.” If you juxtapose that with Jio, you know where the audience is, if not just travel Virar to Churchgate in Mumbai local train and observe people. Most of them are watching YouTube or some other video. Suddenly where there use to be 1 or 2 screen in the home and everybody use to converge around it, now there are 5 screens (1 TV + 4 Mobile or tablets) for 4 people in one household.

Walmart’s Flipkart buy will unleash a battle royal with Amazon and Alibaba – Link here

‘This Is India’s Most Desperate Generation, But It’s Also Bent On World Domination’ – Link here – insight into today’s youth.

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