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How Netflix sent the biggest media companies into a frenzy, and why Netflix thinks some are getting it wrong – Link here

Real estate lessons from the ghost societies of Greater Noida – Link here

GitHub Is Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Undo Button – Steve Ballmer spent years hating on open source software. Satya Nadella recognized that the service has become indispensable to programmers – Link here

It’s Time to A/B Test Your Financial Life – Link here

Secret Diary Of An Entrepreneur 2018 – “It Is Only When You Are Calm In A Crisis Can You Find A Solution” Secret Dairy of Deep Kalra Part-1 – Link here

Your Risk Tolerance Is An Illusion: Wait Until You Start Losing Big Money – Link here

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Repeating Themes – Link here

Scheme Mergers Can Be Costlier Than You Think – Link here

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AI Made a Movie—And The Results Are Horrifyingly Encouraging – Link here

(Infographic) How Long Does It Take to Hit 50 Million Users? – Link here

Do bankers handle own passwords with care? – Link here – I don’t know whether to laugh at the ideas that people come up with or be worried about risk.

MCA gets first breakthrough in large cash deposits by 4 shell cos after demonetisationLink here

The Stock-Market Price Can Be Wrong. Very WrongLink here


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