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2 – 3 Billion HeartbeatsLink here

‘No other way to earn money’: Why women from poor families become egg donors for infertile couples – Link here

The Future of Flying: Flights Could Be Getting Much Shorter – Link here

How 10 Billionaires Surmounted Failure to Build Massive Empires – Link here

Hyundai teams up with VW’s Audi to boost hydrogen cars – Link hereeverybody seems to be crazy about electric battery car and nobody seems to be paying attention to this.

Infibeam’s house of smoke and mirrors – Link here – (paid article)

How Arun Chittilappilly built Wonderla, ride by ride – Link here

Why One Island Grows 80% of the World’s Vanilla – Link here

Buying opportunities are rare in the current market’ – Rajeev Thakkar – Link here

Inside the Binge Factory – Netflix is hiring everybody in and out of Hollywood to make more TV shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll like – Link here

Heavy curbs on private coaching classes in the offing in Maharashtra – Link here

India readies its biggest deep tech bet yet: a UPI-like blockchain platformLink here

PNB Scam: Lapses at many levels of bank led to huge fraud, internal report showsLink here

How traffic flow affects travel time in Delhi and Mumbai – Link here


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