Ajay Shah: Cambridge Analytica-style mastermind of financial markets – Link here

Spinning loot of public money as success storyLink here

Tails, You Win – Link here and on similar lines Economist came up with interesting article- Most stock market returns come from a tiny fraction of sharesLink here

The Quest to Find a Trillion-Dollar Nuclear Fuel on the Moon – Link here

When disruptors chase tradition to remain viable – Link here

How Cashews Explain Globalization – Link herearticle is of 2017, but interesting insight into how government screws away moat.

It’s not the people but the routines that make up a company’s work culture – Link here

Sebi orders open offer for NDTV – Link here

Ten Golden Nuggets – Link here

How Amazon Steers Shoppers to Its Own Products – Link here

The David versus Goliath Battle of Marico and Hindustan Lever – Link here

Are We Staring at the Death of Love and Marriage – Link here

The 350-Crore-Rupee Mystery: The Financial Transactions That Led To SEBI’s Order Asking VCPL To Make An Open Offer For NDTV – Link here

Twists and Turns in the Tesla Story : A Boring, Boneheaded Update! – Damodaran on Tesla – Link here

Student Invents a ‘Mobile Airbag’ That Deploys When a Device is Dropped – Link here – super innovation.


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