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Did Directors of Kesoram Industries Indulge in Insider Trading and Short-change Minority Shareholders? – Link here

George Hotz is on a Hacker crusade against the “SCAM” of self driving cars – Link here

A generational shift in consumption and debt – Link here – recently released RBI data showed household savings have dropped by almost one third from 23.6% of GDP in FY12 to 16.2% in FY17. Just guessing is loan culture setting in? Has culture shift happen from savers to spenders? Ultimately India has always been consumption driven economy.

One chart puts mega tech’s trillions of market value into eye-popping perspective – Link here and make sure you read this – Pareto – Link here

How an Ayurvedic tonic helped cause severe liver disease in a farmer who never drank alcohol – Link here

Donald Trump may kill the global recovery – Nouriel Roubini – Link here

U.S. to Make More Drugs Easily Available, Cutting Role Docs Play – Link here

Kitex: Strange, New Facts about Employee Cost and Sales to an Unlisted Entity – Link here (paid article)

Gold Bugs vs. Stock Market Bulls – Link here

Supply chains based on modern slavery may reach into the West – Link Here

 Netflix was the great disruptor. Will it now be disrupted? – Link here

What really went wrong in the 2008 financial crisis? – Link here

The Most Important Number in Finance Is Going Away. Wall St. Isn’t Prepared – Link here

As A Genetic Revolution Collapses, Vidarbha’s Cotton Farmers Dread Coming Season – Link here

The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You – Link here


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