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(Must Read) The Lifecycle of Greed and Fear – Link here

The scam industry: How the hip-hop boom sets hopefuls up for failure – Link herevery interesting insight into business model of live shows.

Why Airlines Fly ‘Ghost Flights’ With No Passengers Aboard (Video) – Link here

The False Tale Of Amazon’s Industry-Conquering Juggernaut – Link here

The mystery of Russia’s missing wealth shows how Putin retains his power – Link here

We’re underestimating the mind-warping potential of fake video – Link here

Arguing With the Yield CurveLink here

People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves – Link here – pay special attention to last para.

Index funds must be activists to serve investors – Link here

Is LIC bailing out Debt-laden and Liquidity-strapped IL&FS? – Link here

Planning to pursue MBA? Think again… – Link here – reason why CFA has been witnessing huge enrollment number from India.

China And Pakistan Plan To Get Rich Together. The Price? Human Rights. – Link here

An Indian whose tech made ketchup glide out of a bottle is now making pesticides stick to crops – Link here

This interview of Steve Jobs is from 2008, makes for superb read given we have seen app store revolution -‘The Mobile Industry’s Never Seen Anything Like This’: An Interview With Steve Jobs at the App Store’s Launch – Link here – 2 paras that caught my attention

WINGFIELD: Can you talk at all about what you see for the coming year in terms of new apps? Do you have a number of apps that you expect to be up on the App Store by a particular date?

JOBS: I would not trust any of our predictions because reality has so far exceeded them by such a great degree that we’ve been reduced to spectators just like you, watching this amazing phenomenon and just doing our best to try to help everybody get their apps done and get them on the store.


JOBS: I think there are a lot of people and I’m one of them who believe that mobile’s going to get quite serious because there are things you can do…Obviously, mobile’s with you all the time, but there’s services you can provide with mobile that obviously are not relevant on a desktop, such as location-based services integrated into your application.

A Major Victory For The Impossible Burger, The Veggie ‘Meat’ That Bleeds – Link hereI think this product can be big hit in Indian Markets.

Made your first million? Get an Apple franchise and make many moreLink here

Why Do the Biggest Companies Keep Getting Bigger? It’s How They Spend on Tech – Link Here

Real World vs. Book Knowledge – Link herelast para is something that I always thought of and probably the reason why I started this blog, it says “Why would an investor read about medicine? Or watch a military history documentary? Or study evolution? Not for the specific academic facts of those fields. No use there. But expanding the boundaries of what you read and think about offers a glimpse into to how people operate in the real world. How people respond to incentives, think about risk, and deal with surprises. Real-world stuff that’s often hard to quantify into an academic formula or argument, but helps you better understand how people behave in the wild.”


If you have story or idea to share feel free to get in touch with me (either you can write or narrate me). All due credits would be given to original author or it can be anonymous. It can be anything a simple idea or concept or scoop on market anything.

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