(The long read) 1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal – Link here

Why Is the Stock Market So High? Ask the Bond Market – Link here

Nixon’s Failed Effort to Withhold His Tax Returns – Link here

Meet the most notorious member of the Haldiram Bhujiawala family – Link here

World is filled with amazing business and business model. China’s Cheating Husbands Fuel an Industry of ‘Mistress Dispellers’Link here –  Most likely readers are likely to assume something which is not the case. These days most of the people are educated and have understood stuff like black magic & stuff doesn’t work. Problem needs to be solved by brain and that’s what they are doing.

How Fintech is Digitally Disrupting the Financial World – Link here

The competitor Amazon never saw coming – Link here

Bitcoins Make Bank Robbery Great Again – Link here

(must read) Disrupting Your Own Happiness – Link here

Evidence-based investing requires less religion and more reason – Technical Analysis: The Market’s Oldest Religion – Link here

Less sex please, we’re millennials – study – Link here – one wonders what happens to all consumption driven stock, that are partly driven by population growth?

The Time Everyone “Corrected” the World’s Smartest Woman – Link here

Israel Proves the Desalination Era Is Here – One of the driest countries on Earth now makes more freshwater than it needs – Link here

There are tonnes for scam going around, I guess it has been since ages, recently a study discovered that Flossing Might Be a Giant Scam –  Link here

(video) A 7-Circle Roundabout Looks Like It Should Be Pure Hell But Somehow Works Seamlessly – Link here

Mecca of sporting event Olympics are here and India is represented by its largest contingent ever. There are lots of event that India is participating for the first time, however 2 that stood out for me are Gymnastic and Athletics. In gymnastic India is represented by Dipa Karmakar – Read here & her story, she one of the only five women gymnasts in the world to have successfully completed the dangerous Produnova vault (one of the most riskiest, just google to know more about it).  Dhutee Chand would be competing n 100m sprint, whether she will win or not is altogether different debate, however her story of making it to Olympic platform is story of history being made on global level. Imagine you not allowed to compete because god/nature made you certain way. Read here , here and here


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